About Us

Dimecev Foundation EU was initiated and established by Mr. Kenneth David Hopper after been the chief executive director of Dimecev world assistance foundation for many years. Mr Hopper has dedicated the rest of his natural life to assisting the planet to heal, bringing dignity and prosperity to all brothers and sisters worldwide helping them to have a dignified existence.


Committed to offering a challenging education that develops qualities of mind, spirit, and body necessary for a rewarding life of leadership and service in a diverse and changing world. Improving the lives of children, enabling the creative pursuit of science, advancing reproductive health, conserving, and restoring the earth’s natural systems.


We are inspired with our hearts and by the hopes of people not living in poverty. We encourage everyone to respond to humanitarian disasters, to promote integral human development and to advocate on the causes of poverty and violence. We animate all communities and all people of good will in solidarity with the suffering of their brothers and sisters around the world.


Dimecev responds practically to humanitarian crises such as natural disasters, conflict, and the effects of climate change. We save lives, relieve suffering, and help rebuild livelihoods and communities in the longer-term. This allows women and men in the poorest and most vulnerable communities to survive and recover from crises and to live in a safe and secure environment.


Dimecev promotes integral human development so that people in the worst off and most disadvantaged communities are free to flourish and live in peace and dignity. We work to ensure that our natural environment is managed responsibly and sustainably in the interests of the entire human family.


Dimecev seeks a world where the voices of the poor are heard and acted upon. This is a world where women and men in the poorest and most disadvantaged communities can influence the systems, decisions and resources that affect them. They can then live under governments, institutions and global structures that are just and accountable.

Board & Trustees

The board’s broad roles of setting the organisation’s direction, ensuring necessary resources, and providing oversight, board members wear many hats. They are guardians of their missions; they encompass compliance with legal and financial requirements; continuously enforcing ethical guidelines always striving for their organisation. They are policymakers, ambassadors, partners with the chief executives, and strategic thinkers. They monitor progress, evaluate the performance of the organisation and their chief executives, they demonstrate integrity in everything they do on behalf of their causes and organisation. Because of their many roles, board members need more than enthusiasm for a cause, passion for a mission, or just “good intentions.” They are the core of the foundation demonstrating their stewardship’s, responsibilities, and performing all their duties with integrity and honour.


Kenneth D. Hopper

Founder & President

Board Members & Trustees

Ruben Lopez Diaz

Vice President & Trustee

Olga Hopper

Board member & Trustee









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