covid 19

Caring for Mother Earth is first an individual responsibility leading to a collective responsibility and engagement wherein each one of us has a role to play.

The Holy Father insisted that Integral Ecology, putting the human person at the centre of all our activities in this world where everything is interconnected, was the key for building a better future world. He insisted, as stewards, that each one of us was responsible and had to do our part as an instrument of God in the care of creation.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has given us clear indications on the vulnerability and the fragility of our modern world, reinforcing Pope Francis’ prophetic words on the need for caring for Mother Earth. It has brought to us clearly that we are all interconnected, and we cannot live in ignorance of the other or in isolation from others. It has brought to evidence the fact that we are co-responsible for everything, and it is our duty to protect the human person, the environment, nature, and the society in which we live.