Every Four Minutes Close to 1000 Babies are Born

Every Four Minutes

Every four minutes, close to 1000 babies are born across the globe. In which countries are these newborns the most statistically likely to come from?

Using data from the CİA world factbook, these graphics paint a picture of the world’s demographics, showing which countries are most likely to welcome the next 1000 babies based on the population and birth rates as of 2022.

Statistically speaking that would be around 2.5 million new births every month accounting for almost 30 million per year globally. Taking those statistics into consideration approximately 1 billion newborns will be added to our present world population of 8,046,949,318 within the next 30 years.

The future of food is a contested space, with multiple competing ideas about how the future will evolve. The growing human population, with a significantly increasing global middle class, will be the engine of increasing global demand. Historically, increasing wealth has led to changing consumption patterns, particularly more meat and other resource-intensive foods like cheese and eggs. The question is the extent to which historical trends will play out in the future.