The Choice We All Have Yet Only A Few Apply It

The Choice We All Have

At all times you need to have your eyes open sharpen your wits and get prepared to have your words ready. If further education is needed to elevate you to a higher level, then take it, know about your history and who you are, and what you represent and stand for, you have to know how to think, read, and speak and most of all understand what you are aiming for, be willing to hoist the troubles of the world upon your shoulders and what’s so remarkably interesting about this is that you will subconsciously adopt more ownership of any errors or wrongdoings that may have been committed, it has potential to lift a weight from your shoulders and indefinitely improves mental health. I have spoken to an enormous amount of people about human responsibilities and have come to realize that it does not play out very often within us anymore.

Meaningful humans must consider a change in career if their jobs have now become boring, gruesome, mundane, and soul destroying having to turn up at workday after day week after week when all it entails is just a means to an end and becomes all about security and a paycheck without having any further interest or challenges.  Such an unhealthy environment to be in that often creates depression even if not immediately recognized, anxiety, stress, and much lower tolerance levels around family and friends including generally not feeling good about anything. Every living soul needs a challenge that’s how we are built we are far more resilient than we think we are.

Humans are built to take on maximum loads that’s what makes us strong and strengthens our abilities to compete in our unbelievably extraordinary difficult lives with ever more increasing uncertainties daily catapulted upon us due to the past two years of worldwide pandemics and continue to do so with no end in sight.

We must remain optimistic even though life is a tragedy and tainted with malevolence at every level of existence. There’s something incredibly remarkable about the human spirit that can thrive under those precise conditions if we allow that to occur, although life is extraordinarily difficult and as horrible and as malevolence, as people can be and that’s malevolence beyond belief fundamentally. We have the capacity to deal with that catastrophe and to transcend that malevolence spirit into something more enormously more powerful than that of reality itself striving to make the world a better place.