Crisis & Disaster Management

Natural and man-made disasters are becoming more frequent, growing more severe and affecting more people than ever before. The reasons vary but include climate change, population growth, shifting habitation patterns, polarisation and many more factors.

Effective disaster/crises management or disaster response can be defined as providing the technology, tools and practices that enable disaster response organisations to systematically manage information from multiple sources and collaborate effectively to assist survivors, mitigate damage, and help communities rebuild.

The challenge to the effectiveness of disaster management and recovery is sharing information across all levels is most vital. Another fundamental challenge is the need to automate manual records for disaster response and humanitarian assistance organisations, which is just as important as, if somewhat less glamorous than, other critical issues affecting their readiness. True inter-operability is about connecting people, data and diverse processes and engaged organizations, which requires not only flexible technology and accepted standards, but also the fewest possible bureaucratic and regulatory barriers.

Dimecev Foundation is well organised to engage in disaster management needing solutions that will enable lifesaving response, relief operations and recovery assistance to the people who need their help when disasters strike.

Dimecev Foundation employs disaster management experts using applications and tools that are industry-proven, robust, cost-effective, inter-operable and, in some cases, able to operate with limited or intermittent connectivity with various levels of network capacity. When considering disaster management solutions, it is important to look for Dimecev Foundations capabilities and extending benefits:

  • Optimized situational awareness. Real-time communication, data management and data transmission deliver a full picture of the situation.
  • Inter-operable, collaborative environment. Responders save lives by improving information flow across all types of boundaries.
  • Support for mobile, Web-based access across a range of devices. All components and people are connected in fixed and field locations.
  • System security and reliability. A combination of powerful security and performance.
  • Comprehensive system manageability. All facets of the solution are designed to work together.

Humanitarian service is at the heart of Dimecev Foundations work. Working together, we identify the most crucial needs and support those in need them through our system of Disaster Management and Early Response in all aspects including food, health, shelter, security, trauma healing, and recovery efforts that transform lives of people around the world. Our partners are also key experts in addressing humanitarian needs in the most effective ways.