How an Ordinary Day Became an Extraordinary Day

Together we are extraordinary

Whilst ambling around some local fishing ponds I could not help noticing a young man who was stood on the banks of the pond with a garden rake in his hands dressed in a tee shirt and shorts wearing wellington boots, after observing him for a few minutes it became apparent that he was clearing out debris from the pond that had accumulated over time.

As I continued to walk closer to him my curiosity got the better of me thinking why a person would take it upon themself to clear debris out of a pond that did not belong to them knowing full well that the ponds were council owned. With that intrigue set in my mind I approached the area to where he was working, as I got to within metres of him, he was the first to speak saying, “hello how are you?” in a pleasing and well-mannered tone. I replied in a dignified way stating that I was fine and asked how are you? I had no idea nor notion to what was about to happen in the following hour that I was about to spend with him.

Once the pleasantries had been exchanged, he started to tell me what he was doing and the reasons behind it. He immediately began to speak with an upbeat enthusiastic and concerning tone to his voice explaining how he had acquired a contract from the local council to take over the pond, and all the obstacles he had to overcome before getting them to listen to his foresight and vision of what could become of this rundown overgrown fishing pond if he was to be given the chance. Quite a punt for the location and topic “he had got me hook line and sinker” he had the ability to inspire someone else that someone else being me and that energized me it was a circle that reinforcers itself in such a positive way I could not wait to hear the rest of his visions.

He eagerly announced how he had rallied around the local community for volunteers to assist him in clearing away all the overgrown growth surrounding the pond to give better access to it. He had a friend who owned his own company that paid for a week’s hire for the use of a strimmer and that another member of the community that had given him shovels, spades, rakes, and a barrow to assist him in his quest. Once he had started work on the pond with a noticeable difference in no time the council then took him seriously and responded by donating material and technical experts in installing the first of, I hope many disabled concrete platforms for disabled people to have access to the pond and fish.

Whilst he continued to express all the work that still needed to be done, we were quickly surrounded by a group of children who had come down to fish on the pond. They all knew Lenny excitedly asking him if he had got any hooks. Lenny walked over to his car and pulled out three fishing boxes full of fishing items that had been donated to him specifically for this reason to help children into an ambient environment that would be beneficial to the children in more ways than one. I observed the following half hour with amazement and admiration for this young man Lenny of how he interacted with young children, in no time at all they were all ready to go fishing. Lenny went on to say that he was a teacher at the local school and that he would spend the next six weeks of the school holidays working on and around the pond.

I immediately felt a connection to Lenny having spoken with him for almost an hour and realising that I knew most of his family of which had past local businesses within the area. When I think of the quality called “inspiration,” I think of someone who acts or speaks in the same ways Lenny does!!  that encourages other people to behave in creative ways. Inspiration is not solely about creativity either, it is an influence that comes when your senses, emotions and intellect are stimulated.

This invigoration can come from a person’s words or from watching another human do something amazing. The result is a personal feeling of empowerment and a surge of energy. It’s a powerful emotion! You feel as though you can take a bold new career path or something else. Or you might feel you can go further with an idea than you had previously thought possible. That’s where Dimecev Foundation EU comes in, Mr Kenneth David Hopper has set aside ₤100,000.00 to donate to Lenny so he can complete his visions and wonderful work. The funds will be used to hire a company who as the capacity to put a retaining division at the end of the pond ensuring water levels don’t decrease.

Lenny also had visions of having a portacabin equipped with cooking utensils so he could not only feed the children but to teach them how to cook. He will also be able to get dozens of complete fishing equipment enabling anyone who does not have the equipment to fish the pond. He also envisages ways of teaching life skills to the under privileged children. Dimecev Foundation are fully committed to this project and do everything in its power for Lenny and his visions to become reality for many of years to come.