Dimecev Foundation EU in Principle More than 1 Billion Euros Medical Clinics 2021

Mr Kenneth David Hopper Founder of Dimecev Foundation EU agrees in principle to sponsor more than 1 billion euros into medical clinics 2021.


Market-stage biotech focusing on adipose-based autologous tissue therapies Proprietary patented technology for adipose tissue harvest, process, and transplant in patients Regulatory approved in EU (CE mark), USA (FDA 510k), Japan and other 8 key areas for multiple clinical indications with multi-bn aggregate market potential.

Priority Indications:


Sports Medicine

Pain management

Wound Healing



Significant upside in preclinical and/or early-stage projects


More than 12.000 procedures completed on human patients with no major related adverse effect recorded.

Published scientific rationale and clinical evidence, endorsed by top scientists and clinician.